Thursday, September 24, 2009

Where are you now?

Andre at the end of a hard day, upload feito originalmente por Andre Netto.

This is the week 7 task: Where are you now?
When the picture was taken, I was finishing yet another hard day of work.
But that's ok!
Only 81 days to go for my vacations!

PS. the photo was taken by Mr. Photographer Luiz Claudio!


  1. He was really tired. Poor guy, but the picture is fine :)

  2. reminds me of me at the end of a day at work. rsrss, poor thing...

  3. Hi André,

    Boy you look tired. I am just as tired, little cecíia is really calm but she still is a two month old baby! Flickr is something else, right? can't get enough of it

  4. Great photo, Andy—even though you look absolutely drained! We all have days like that and believe me, the time that you still have to wait before you'll be free again will pass lickety split (until the last day or so: each of those final days will no doubt seem eons long!)

    Chin up!