Monday, September 7, 2009


Last Thursday we had a chat with the webtools crowd on skype.
Since we were debating what feedback really was, I thought this picture was appropriate.

It isn't only about what the teacher has to say, or how he/she will evaluate you.
Assessment comes from your peers, how they will interact with you,
what your posts will mean to them....

It's about action and reaction.
Sounds like physics, eh?

Andy logging out...

PS. On a funny note, here are all the 5 stages of a blogger's life,
and the link of the article, if you are interested!


  1. Dear Andy,

    This is the third time I try to add my comment here. Let's see if I can do it now.

    It's exciting to see that you've gotten the idea of feedback in the group. It's not about the "sage on the stage" telling you what to do, how to do it, and how much you got for it. It's way beyond that. It's about engaging in community talk, connecting to others, getting feedback from the group. This is the Web full of human touch and constant feedback from our audience. Besides all that, I invited a dear friend who has been doing a wonderful job in giving feedback to each one of the participants in this group. It's a change of paradigms in which the community takes the stage and the "teacher" just facilitates the process in a truly student-centered way.

    Oh, I loved the 5 stages you mentioned. I don't think that after "fame" it's death. I believe that what happens is that as time goes by and you find your blogging way, you tend to be more critical on the way you blog, you question how and why you are blogging. You tend to redirect your efforts to make it an even more rewarding experience.

    Thanks for being such a great partner in this course. You're doing a fantastic, truly inspiring job!

  2. Thanks, Carla. I couldn't do any of this without everybody's help, including yours.

  3. see andré I'm just starting to understand how this virtual connection works. Thanks for motivating me by always leaving your comments and a friendly note.

  4. Hi, Andy.

    This post is outstanding—and I completely agree with Carla's comments in paragraphs two, three, and four.

    I particularly "resonate" with what you posted about assessment: "Assessment comes from your peers, how they will interact with you, what your posts will mean to them.... It's about action and reaction."

    To that, I can only say, "Yes!," "Hear, hear!" and "Spot on!"

    In blogging, we succeed when we communicate, when we establish—and maintain!—a dialog, right?

    I also loved "The Five Stages of a Blogger's Life." Most of us won't reach (or even want to reach) fame, in the usual sense, but we can all achieve a kind of fame if we make blogposts that get others involved in a continuing conversation. As far as I'm concerned, that's infinitely more satisfying. Even on that level, though, it can lead to what's shown in the Stage 4 and Stage 5 cartoon panels.

    Kudos, Andy, for the colorful, engaging, insightful contributions you're making!

    All the best from Phoenix—


  5. Thanks, Dennis.
    I just hope one day I can be as good as you and Carla. LOL.