Thursday, September 3, 2009


Remember that blogging is about interaction!


  1. Hi, Andy!

    This is a wonderful blog! Besides the content, I also like the color scheme and the gadgets you've added.

    The cartoon ("Well, yes, we could read your blog . . .") reminds me of a comic strip that I follow in the newspaper. I discovered just today, however, that this cartoon is also available online. Check out these two in particular:

    I see a real connection, in the above, to your blog and to WT4E.

    BTW, you mentioned that you have two blogs. Is the other one a Posterous blog? If it is, I haven't seen it yet . . . but I will.

    Best wishes from Arizona--

    Dennis in Phoenix

  2. Oops. I should've turned those URLs into links. Let's see if this works:


  3. Dear Andy, great to see that you´re getting the connective aspect of blogging. As I mentioned in our chat, creating a blog is the easiest part, making it part of our pedagogical routine, more challenging, but even more fun when people start interacting.

  4. Hey, Andy.

    I'm glad you liked the "Zits" cartoons. "Zits" is very entertaining: it's the never-ending story of interactions that a teenager, Jeremy, has with his dad, mom, and peers. The effects of the "generation gap" (and of "digital natives" vs "digital immigrants") are prime themes in "Zits."

    During the last week or so in "Zits," there have been a number of strips about what happened to Jeremy just after he got his driver's license: he got lost and called his dad from some outrageous places (including Paris and Sydney, Australia) to get directions back home.

    Hey, I'm enjoying our interaction!

    Dennis in Phoenix