Friday, November 13, 2009


It's a little weird to think of the end of our course as a "graduation".
When I look back at the past 10 weeks, I can't find just one word to describe the journey.
I believe our friend Rick Monteiro is the one who defines it in the best way.
You can all remember the first posts and comments.
We were all a little scared to face the monster. Nobody knew what to expect.
And yet we all survived.
Now we roam free through the dark alleys of the web.
Discovering new paths and toys to play with.
And we aren't scared to try anymore.
And that's the most important thing, at least for me.
Therefore, we can't call this a graduation.
Maybe we should call it initiation.
The journey doesn't end here. On the contrary, my friends.
This course was merely the doorway, the entrance, the first step.
The rest of the journey will be up to us!
Good luck to you all!
Don't become strangers.
See you around!


  1. I couldn´t agree more dear colleague. This is only the begining. See you around.