Thursday, October 1, 2009

Flickr - Pedagogical Uses

babies, upload feito originalmente por Andre Netto.

I have a "Prime 3" group in Asa Sul. We have just started a lesson on animals. What we could do is ask each student to post a picture of their pets. Everyone could comment on them.

Besides that, we could start a discussion on animal treatment.
Who knows? Maybe even compare the treatment pets receive at home with the treatment animals at the zoo receive.

Ultimately, the students would be able to practice the vocabulary of the lesson, as well as the intended grammar.


  1. How would you ask your students to post the photo, André? Would they have to open their accounts, or would you ask them to email you straight to your Flickr account?

    Take a look at what I did with this lesson. My students didn´t comment on the blog because I decided to show the video in class and we had a nice class discussion after watching Luiz Claudio´s video. If your students want, they can add their comments to the voicethread!

    About animal treatment, now I´m considering that students could search for photos in Flickr that represent mistreatment of animals (like animals in cages, etc...)

  2. I would allow students to choose whether they wanted a flickr account or to send their photos by email. After all, this is web 2.0.
    And I'm sure they would find loads of interesting pictures in Creative Commons. hehehehe.